Ukrainian energy system is now only 15% stable – expert.

After the Russian missile strikes, the Ukrainian energy system remains 15% stable, in comparison to the percentage observed in October.

It was reported by Oleksandr Kharchenko, the director of the Energy Research Center during the Antifragility of Ukraine: Lessons of 2022 forum organised by Centre for Economic Development. The two organisations hosted the event together.

"None of the European countries would withstand such attacks. Ukraine has endured because it had an impressive reserve capacity.

We had fears of possible damage to the energy systems since May. The same applied to the gas transit system", Kharchenko said.

The expert also added that the strikes on Ukrainian energy systems were planned by Russian power engineers. Fortunately, the precision of Russian missile strikes is low, he said.

Explosions rock Kherson fourth time on 1 December.

On the afternoon of 1 December, explosions were heard in the city of Kherson, which was recently liberated from the Russian occupiers; the explosions have also rocked the city in the morning.

According to media reports, explosions have been heard three times in the morning: around 09:25, 10:20 and 11:40. Around 15:40, there was information about new explosions in the city.

As of 16:00, no air-raid alert has sounded in the region.

Previously: According to British Defence Intelligence, despite the liberation, Kherson remains vulnerable to Russian artillery and suffers from heavy Russian strikes.

Russian forces hit Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: high-rise buildings damaged, one person injured.

Russian invaders have attacked the city of Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, in the afternoon on 1 December. Several high-rise buildings have been damaged, and one person has been injured.

In the afternoon [of 1 December - ed.] Russian occupiers attacked the area of Nikopol once again. They have struck the city of Nikopol using heavy artillery. An apartment in a high-rise building has caught fire. Its owner, a 56-year-old man, has been injured.