Ukraine's embassy in Spain receives the bloody package.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid has received a package with traces of blood similar to the packages previously received by other Ukrainian diplomatic institutions abroad.

Ukraine's embassy in Spain also received a blood-stained package similar to those previously received by our other diplomatic institutions. The Spanish police surrounded the perimeter of the embassy for security reasons. Experts are already working on the scene, investigations are underway," Nikolenko said.

RTVE TV channel reported from the scene that the ambassador and employees remain in the embassy premises, they were not evacuated. The police continue to expand the security perimeter around the building..

Earlier on Friday, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported the continuation of a targeted campaign of terror and intimidation of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions abroad.

After the terrorist attack in Spain, bloodied packages arrived at Ukrainian embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, and Italy, the Consulates General in Naples and Kraków, as well as the Consulate in Brno. There were animal eyes in the packages, and the packages themselves were soaked in a liquid of a typical color, smelling accordingly.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 30 November, a Ukrainian embassy worker in Madrid suffered light injuries as a result of the explosion of a package on the premises of the diplomatic institution, as the ambassador was supposed to get a box. Spain preliminarily classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

On Thursday, 1 December, Dmytro Kuleba reported that three more Ukrainian diplomatic institutions received threatening letters in addition to the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain.

Ukrenergo company to bill Russia for destroyed infrastructure.

Soon, the Ukrenergo company will bill Russians for destroying Ukrainian infrastructure; a relevant legal mechanism is being developed.

This was reported by Maksym Yurkov, the Director of Legal Affairs of NPC Ukrenergo, during the 6th Business & Legal Energy Forum.

"We account for all the damage in real-time, every day. We are composing an estimate and will soon issue a bill to Russia for our destroyed infrastructure. We already have a certain experience in issuing invoices to the Russian Federation.

That is because we were one of the few that have sued them and have ongoing legal proceedings concerning our assets in Crimea", Yurko explained.

According to him, a particular legal mechanism is being developed now that will allow the company to protect its interests regarding compensation for inflicted damage.


As a result of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, the losses incurred have exceeded 70 billion hryvnias,  Denys Shmyhal, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, said.

Russia is ready to abandon Zaporizhzhia NPP in exchange for the transit of oil and gas through Ukraine.

Russia is ready to leave the territory of the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in exchange for uninterrupted oil and gas transit through Ukraine.

Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza, a source close to the Kremlin, and an interlocutor close to the Russian government claim that the Russian Federation is ready to quit Zaporizhzhia NPP, but does not plan to completely leave Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Meduza reports that the Kremlin plans to hand the NPP to the Ukrainian authorities or the IAEA.

As the sources state, in exchange for the withdrawal of troops from the NPP, the Russian authorities expect to receive guarantees of uninterrupted transit of oil and gas through the territory of Ukraine.

The interlocutors claim that both the Kremlin and the government "are ready for an agreement" since "pumping and selling oil and gas is very important for the Russian budget."

In a comment to Meduza, Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, rejected the possibility of such an agreement.