The story of 4 year old Liza killed in a Russian attack in Vinnytsia

It was a beautiful sunny day and little Liza was smiling, pushing her pink stroller in front of her, as she chatted  with her mom about going to  her speech therapist. 4 year old Liza suffered from Down syndrome and she attended developing classes for children. On their way, just one block from Victory Square which is the center of Vinnytsia, Russian missiles hit. Little Liza died immediately, her mother Irina taken to the hospital in critical condition.

In 2021 little Liza took a part in making a Christmas video with First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska.

’Today, we all were horrified by a photo of an overturned baby carriage from Vinnytsia. And then, reading the news, I realized that I know this girl. Knew... I will not write all the words I want to, to those who killed her. I will write to you about Lisa. We met while recording a video for Christmas holidays. The little girl managed to paint with dye not only herself, her dress, but also all the other children, me, the cameramen and the director just in half an hour... Look at her, alive, please. Crying with her loved ones.
– Post from Olena Zelenska on twitter.

Irina Dmitrieva, Liza`s mother was born in Vinnytsia but before the war she lived and worked in Kyiv. She decided to relocate to her native Vinnytsia after the shelling began in Kyiv. In her Instagram, Iryna Dmitrieva often talked about motherhood, the experience of raising a child with Down syndrome. She told how they overcame a three-year crisis, took pictures with her daughter in lavender and hydrangea, wrote how embroidery helps to escape from terrible news.

"Love yourself. Make your own dreams come true! Even if it's just coffee in your favorite place," - Iryna Dmitrieva posted on her instagram account.

She posted a photo of her daughter in a lavender dress and a story about her only a few hours before the explosion.

23 people died as a result of missile attacks in Vinnytsia. Two other children killed by Russian missiles were approximately six and seven years old. 73 victims are in the hospital. Four people, including Liza's mother, are in serious condition.

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